I wanted to share the story of Jocelyn. It is a story of strength, or courage, of dreams and sadly it is also a story of injustices and discrimination. Not only transgender women are discriminated daily throughout all their lives. Many Transgender people are denied jobs simply because of their sexual identity. It is time that we as a society stop judging and accept people for who they really are.

The story is part of an ongoing project with Make The Road NY, PRYDE and LGBTQ Justice Project.

“ I have been exploited and discriminated against at the workplace. A couple of years ago I was working at a restaurant and I started my transition process into a woman. My body started to change notably, because of the hormones treatment. The owner asked me to take time off. He said he would call me to get back to work. I never received that call”
“I felt humiliated because after working for more than a year, they fired me only because I am a transgender woman”
“I have had to hide my sexual identity when I go to interviews because many places don’t hire people like us.”
“Ever since I am a transgender woman I have never had any opportunity or any job offer”